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"Work in progress". Books that help you learn and teach

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Lev Tolkachev - Publisher, coordinator and translator of the ESDM in the Russian-speaking space 

spoke about books in his publishing house.




Anastasiya Semyannikova (BCBA, MS) holds a webinar-training for professionals in the field of ABA. The webinar is also will be useful for professionals who are constantly writing individual plans and programs for their students.

Developers of electronic protocols: Anastasiya Semyannikova, Vera Ermolova, Yulia Yuzhakova.

Using Response Cards


Experts talk about the functional use of Response Cards in a group format.
The event takes place in the format of a dialogue between two colleagues who discuss a scientific article and personal experience of using Response Cards with their students.

Spikers: Anastasiia Iun (МА, ВСВА, PhD Candidate),
Karina Ushakova (МА, АВА-specialist)

CEU: 1 hour (General)

How to make the Internet and gadgets useful?


Alexandra Burtseva - behavioral analyst, clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, ABA tutor in several projects ( inclusive class of school 1536,  center  of inclusion "Kind", charity foundation "Art of Being Around", "Inclusive Observer" Center of Autism Problems)

Sergey Andreev - behavioral scientist, psychologist, researcher in the field of neurophysiology (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience NIU HSE), author and host of the communication club "CyberNETiki" based on the  inclusive  center "Kind," the author and methodologist of the project on additional online education for children and teenagers with ASD "Investigate"

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How does ABA therapy help children with ASD?

Parent organization"Development without Limits" Ekaterinburg in cooperation with ABASCHOOL held a webinar for those who are in the beginning of helping children with ASD by using  ABA (ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis) methods.

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Anastasiya Semyannikova - behavior analyst (BCBA, IBA), MS in psychology, educator, founder of ABASCHOOL

Marina Ponomareva - Director of "Development without Limits"


"You Don't Belong Here" or Our Place in Inclusion


Anastasiya Semyannikova - Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), MS in psychology, educator, and founder of ABASCHOOL shares her experience in organized inclusion. Examples from kindergartens, schools and playgrounds. Support for parents of children with special needs. Reasoned benefits of organized inclusion.


When a child throws away objects. Thoughts and directions


Anastasia Semyannikova - Behavior Analyst (BCBA), MS in  psychology, educator and founder of ABASCHOOL shares her experience and discusses problem behavior, mainly throwing objects out the window or off the balcony.

What should you do to prevent dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior?


Why it's better not to wait for an ADHD diagnosis and start today?

Albert Feigelson's website >>


Albert Feigelson is a behavioral psychologist, educator, and expert from Israel (a country that has widely developed behavioral analysis and tolerance for special people) discussed as a guest speaker at ABAschool about how to start working with children diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) right away


Tactics for the behavioral therapist when working with children with ASD combined with pathology of the digestive system

Lev Tolkachev Publishing House Website >>

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Anna Zlobina - pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist

Lev Tolkachev - ABA specialist, publisher

Ekaterina Men' - President of the “Center of Autism Problems” in Russia (CAI), member of the Organizing Committee of the international scientific conference "Autism. Challenges and Solutions”.

Published with the permission of the “Center for Autism Issues” (CAI)


Denver model of learning in a kindergarten group (G-ESDM)

Lev Tolkachev Publishing House Website >>


Lev Tolkachev - Publisher, ABA specialist, coordinator and translator of the ESDM in the Russian-speaking space gave an overview of the as yet untranslated book "Applying the Denver Model to Preschoolers with Autism in a Group Learning Format" Vivanti, Duncan, Dawson 2017"


When it's better to start teaching speech to children?

SUPP BY >> interviewed Anastasiya Semyannikova on the topic of starting speech training.

1.     How to start speech training if a child is not repeating sounds?

2.     Alternative communication: does it slow down the development of vocal speech?  How do we choose?

3.     How does age affect the beginning of a child's speech training?

And much more in the recording of the live broadcast.

Interviewer: Iryna Koliadko - founder of SUPP BY, psychologist


Features of the development and education of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Overview lecture for a large audience from the "Development without Limits" >> and Children's and Youth Sports School № 2 with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

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Anastasiya Semyannikova (BCBA, MS) behavioral analyst, master's degree in psychology.

Vera Ermolova - behavior analyst, specialist in alternative communication.